Sunday, April 4, 2010

Candy! Again!

I'm going to have to think of it as Easter candy even though it is merely a coincidence that my care package arrived on Undead Jesus Day.

My friend Chuck of Chuck's Nuts, the triple entendre candy company of beautiful Santa Fe New Mexico, visited Dr. Sickerdoodle and me a couple of weeks ago. He was charming company and full of sage advice and he sent us candy!

Chili pecan brittle, various kinds of caramel corn, chocolate fudge, raspberry chocolate fudge, maple walnut fudge, chocolate espresso fudge, black forest fudge, chocolate chipotle raspberry fudge, pecan divinity, pecan rolls, Santa Fe fiesta mix, chocolate chile pine nut turtle...

I think that's everything.

My God.

This is a man who only uses the finest ingredients and he makes everything by hand. He is also the official candy maker for Santa Fe's 400th Anniversary celebration. Head over to his website and check out his goods. You can see a clip there of him whipping up a batch of chili pecan brittle as a guest on the food network.

Go look, you'll see how cute he is.

Did I also mention that he ships his confections all over the country?

Mmm...  candy.

(Image of Butter Pecan Brittle from Chuck's Nuts Website)

(Confidential to Chuck: Tell MB that the pillow cases rock!)

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