Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Prop 8 Update 3/16/10

Firedoglake is reporting from Judge Walker's courtroom on this morning's proceedings regarding the disclosure of various, anti - prop 8 groups' campaign information.
My two cents: Go ahead and disclose. We've got nothing to hide.
Apparently, no liveblogging will be allowed, but Teddy Partridge will have commentary as soon as possible.
I will post updates later in the day.

Update: 1:00PM

Hearing concluded. Hard to say what it means. ACLU and EQCA apparently unpersuasive in their claims. Plaintiff attorney took no position on disclosure.

The only concrete info I see here is that we should get a couple weeks notice for the scheduling of closing arguments.

Stay tuned to me, Prop 8 Trial Tracker and Firedoglake for consistent updates.

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