Thursday, April 8, 2010

Morning News 4/08/10

Not Hilarious. Diplomat "jokes" that he was trying to set his shoes on fire on flight from DC to Denver, while he was really just sneaking a smoke in the can.

It's a Party! After seven year struggle, Phillippine Supreme Court recognizes Ang Ladlad that country's first gay political party.

Sign Here. Space Shuttle delivers a bunch of stuff to the International Space Station.

I'll Get Back to You on That. Ben Bernanke tells nation that we shouldn't put off dealing with the financial impact of all those boomers retiring. Nation promises to do something, unless there's something good on the TV.

Obsessive Compulsive Man with a Great Idea. NYT talks to Javier Garcia who continues to photograph every single thing he eats and post it on his website. He seems to eat a lot of power bars and bananas.

(The shoes up top, accompanying the first news item are from planet and are also in honor of gorgeous, glamorous, sensational Linda who danced last night at the Blue Monk. Wish I could have been there darling.)

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  1. Thank you, sweetie! It was a fabulous night, full of brilliant music, lovely dance, and wonderful cocktails. :)

    Yay for SHOES!


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