Friday, August 13, 2010


(Lady Bird Johnson could probably kick your ass if she wanted to.)

"My citizenship is not a courtesy that is offered to me by my government," Gilbert said. "It is my birthright. It is my right as an American citizen. And my rights are not something that are offered to me out of politeness or friendliness by the United States government."

Thursday, August 12, 2010

News 8/12/10

("Malaise forever." My favorite peanut-man. Who doesn't love Jimmy Carter?)

  • Florida Attorney General and professional asshole Bill McCollum didn't mean to say that gay people should have our kids taken away from us.

  • Lt. General Babakir Zebari didn't mean to say Iraq is a total mess and will be until at least 2020.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

News 8/11/10

(Just because: Caramel pecan sticky bun. Photo by Stacy.)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News From the American Bar Association

(Law is sexy. Today in Judicial garb: William Cushing wearing the latest in Supreme Court fashion sometime between 1789 and 1810.)

 I've had a link to Chris Geidner's Law Dork over on my side bar since soon after I started blogging, for those of you who love in-depth legal commentary on vital issues. I'd like to let you know that from now on you can find Chris Geidner's wisdom and insight over at Metro Weekly's blog Poliglot.

It is from Chris's new site I learned the American Bar Association has come out with the following policy:

"RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges state, territorial, and tribal governments to eliminate all of their legal barriers to civil marriage between two persons of the same sex who are otherwise eligible to marry."

I believe the President of the United States is a member of this organization. I wonder if he's interested in this new policy?

News 8/10/10

  • FOX hatenozzle Greg Gutfeld wants to open a Muslim-themed gay bar next to ground zero mosque. Um... good luck with that?

The End of Prop 8: What the Constitution is all About

  • Much buzz yesterday (and today) about whether or not supporters of Prop 8 have standing to ask for a stay of Judge Walker's ruling. In a nutshell, opponents of marriage equality failed to prove any harm to themselves or anyone else at trial; and both the Governator and Attorney General of California want to resume issuing marriage licenses to everyone. The Gov. and AG are the ones who have standing, not Cooper, Thompson et al. Walker's decision on the stay could come at any moment.

If you haven't seen the footage yet, here's David Boies carving Tony Perkins into tiny pieces on Face the Nation:

And here's Ted Olsen schooling FOX News's Chris Wallace on what the constitution is all about:

The above videos are required viewing ladies and gentlemen. This is the path forward for justice.

Monday, August 9, 2010

News 8/09/10

(Klaatu, Barada, Nicto! Academy Award winning actress and former wife of Roald Dahl, Patricia Neal has died at 84.)

  • Dr. Snickerdoodle and I had fun at the beach this weekend. But now I'm back writing and job hunting. All glory to the hypno-toad!