Saturday, May 1, 2010

Morning News 5/01/10

Happy May Day everyone!

Clean up your mess. Pressure mounts for BP to take a more active role in Gulf oil spill clean-up. Critics of the British company have suggested a lawsuit may be in the works.

Nah. Gates and Mullen make it clear in letter to congress that they don't want DADT repealed until after their sucky, BS, one-year study.

I'm getting kind of turned on. The NYT suggests that both the Democrats and the Republicans would be after Gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist's hot bod if he won the senate seat he covets.

We're so happy you're so happy, just as long as you stay happy... Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has great hopes for upcoming UK election.

(Picture of little girl with a skunk from Awkward Family Photos.)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Morning News 4/30/10


Drat. European financial crisis percolates ahead of Greek bailout.

Naughty. Feds may bring criminal charges against Goldman Sachs.

Cranky. Gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist's switch to Independent sparked by GOP moving farther to the right, says Axelrod. In retaliation, Republican Senatorial Committee plans to back Tea Party favorite, Marco Rubio.

Aloha. Hawaii House approves Civil Unions bill. What's a Republican Governor do?

(Image of 5th Century BCE Athenian Tetradrachm via CNG Coins.)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Morning News 4/29/10

Closing arguments in the Prop 8 Trial have been set for June 16th.

Don't worry honey, there's plenty more oil where that came from...  Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico may be 5 times worse than we thought.

If it walks like a duck...  UK PM Gordon Brown thought he was off mike when he referred to Gillian Duffy as a bigot. Oops.

Gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist to switch to independent party in his run for US Senate.

(Image of Divine from John Waters' 1972 Pink Flamingos. Banned and disgusting, I love you John Waters.)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to glamorous Flaming Fan Barbara who correctly identified the drag queens in the morning news on the 21st.

Yes indeed she has sent The Flaming Chef her street addy so's I can send her a super sensational mystery prize!

Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of incredible contests.

(Can anyone out there identify the smoking toddler? Where the hell did he come from anyway?)

Kisses to the screaming hordes who love this blog so much that they would commit sepuku en masse if I stopped blogging for even a day!

--The Flaming Chef

Morning News 4/28/10

Got any spare change man? IMF close to working out Greek aid deal worth €120 billion.

Congratulations! Chicago Rep. Deb Mell plans to marry Christin Baker.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee advances bill recognizing gay rights as human rights.

Calls for an Arizona boycott grow as nation reacts to that state's icky new law.

(Public Domain image of Louis Dewis's 1916 painting "The Old Begger" via Wikipedia.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

True Story: Doctor Yummy

           The express bus that runs from my local transit center to Oregon Health Sciences University provided me convenient access to work for many years.

           In the mornings, it ran towards my job, and in the evenings, it carried me home again.  Its winding, cross town route eliminated the necessity to transfer from one bus to another, cutting several cold, wet minutes from my daily travels.

           Another nice aspect of the trip was, unlike a regular city bus, an express bus accumulates a band of regular riders.  This cuts down on the number of mentally unstable, homeless, or drug addicted passengers one might encounter.  Don't get me wrong, I’m not a snob.  I just like to lower the probability that someone will pee or vomit on or near me, first thing in the morning.

Afternoon News 4/27/10

Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma! legislators pass stupid, intrusive abortion law. Why don't you pass a law forcing women to purchase cute little shoes for the fetus while you're at it?

Alice Miller dies at 87. The original book title "The Drama of the Spoiled Little Narcissist," was nixed by editors.

New York's war on salt continues. Won't somebody please think of the children?

(The picture above is of four different kinds of cake I made for my cooking show "The Pleasure of Food." Lemon cake, butter cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate cake with mocha frosting and (up on a pedestal where it belongs) bittersweet chocolate cake with vanilla mousseline butter cream. With special thanks to Filmy Residue Productions.)

In honor of the latest infamous and annoying news about chocolate, here's my recipe for bittersweet chocolate cake. Adapted from "The Joy of Cooking."

Below the fold:

Morning News 4/27/10

Gee, thanks. California nixes language calling for cure for gayness. I didn't even know I was sick...

Up yours. Sudanese President Bashir to rest of planet: FU!

"I CAN call you "Hef," can't I?" Hugh Hefner saves the Hollywood sign.

Screw you, Mr. Science. Researchers claim that people who eat more chocolate are more depressed.

Thank god my lesbian cats don't eat out. Restaurant refuses service to man with "gay" guide dog.

(Image of gay dog, George Clooney from "Big Gay Al's, Big Gay Boatride." Another tasteful installment from the thoughtful, wise and mature "South Park." A series suitable for people with all sensibilities.)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Picture Blog: My Li'l Drawings

Wanna see some delightful drawings by an artist who makes it look easy?  Head on over to Mike Hoefner's My li'l drawings.

With a few quick strokes of the pen, Mike catches everything that matters in a way that always makes me smile.  Are these summer shorts too short?

Can you resist the charms of Nibblz? I cannot.

And we're all waiting on the edge of our seats to catch the latest adventures of Lulu and her beanie:

Good lord people, click on the link and bathe in the lovely doodles.  Put down that newspaper. Ignore that Urgent Email.

He even has pictures of cocktails.

What more do you need?

Morning News 4/26/10

Obama and the DNC crank up the grassroots ahead of the midterms.

It's in the Constitution. You have the right to be a crazy guy with a gun who wants to "talk" to the President.

Steven Hawking is scared of aliens who potentially jeopardize his plans to rule the Universe from beyond the grave.

Next time I'm at the Ritz, I'll explain that white people make me extremely uncomfortable and I'd prefer not to be served by them.

Gay support for Nick Clegg's Lib Dems surges in the UK.

(I think the album is called "Guide Me Lord" from the group "the Joyful Sounds," rather than the other way round. I just thought we all needed some fabulous hair and delicious polyester this morning.)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Make It Stop...

You simply must head over to Retrocrush and have a look at the worst lunchboxes of all time.  What a fun site and a super way to start the day.

Thanks to Princess Sparkle Pony for pointing me toward the glory of Retrocrush.

(Image of Bobby Sherman Lunchbox is entirely the property and responsibility of Retrocrush.)

Can you tell I've been up since 2:30 this morning?

I'm going back to bed now.

Morning News 4/25/10


I thought it was a great idea. Brits back off on Pope Benedict brand condom suggestion.  Perhaps an American designer can make a special one just for me.  I promise to use it for anal sex, rather than birth control.

Protesters gather to object to hateful new Arizona law that criminalizes brown people.  Mexican President Felipe Calderon explains that the law "represents an obstacle to solving the shared problems of the border region."  You will recall that Gov. Jan Brewer is also a homophobic dimwit.

Mike Huckabee fails to convince Rosie O'Donnell that he's not an asshole.