Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to glamorous Flaming Fan Barbara who correctly identified the drag queens in the morning news on the 21st.

Yes indeed she has sent The Flaming Chef her street addy so's I can send her a super sensational mystery prize!

Keep your eyes peeled for all sorts of incredible contests.

(Can anyone out there identify the smoking toddler? Where the hell did he come from anyway?)

Kisses to the screaming hordes who love this blog so much that they would commit sepuku en masse if I stopped blogging for even a day!

--The Flaming Chef


  1. Hi Jason,

    Thanks ever so much for your comments over at mine, it was very sweet. Hopefully we'll write more over the days/weeks/months...

    WFJ. X

  2. I'm pretty sure the smoking toddler is my father.


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