Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Morning News 4/21/10

Poland sets June 20 election to replace President killed along with almost 100 others in April plane crash.

Florida GOP under Federal investigation over possible credit card abuses.

Bi guys discriminated against by gay softball organization.

Xenophobic asshole proves that he's also a homophobic asshole.

Dorothy Height.  If you haven't already read about the life of this amazing woman, looky here.

The woman who stabbed me the other day gave me a $10 gift certificate to the local French pastry and coffee house. I think that's pretty classy.

("Are you having a wonderful birthday Christina Darling?"  Random picture of drag queens from... I'm not sure where. I just felt the need for drag queens this morning, OK? Seriously, let me know if anyone out there recognizes this picture.)

(Update: 4/23/10. Loyal and glamorous Flaming Chef reader Barbara informs me that this picture is from the superfabulous show "Little Britain." Thanks Barbara. Send me an email with your address to receive your sensational mystery prize!)

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  1. The random drag queens are from a tv show called Little Britain.


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