Friday, May 7, 2010

Morning News 5/07/10

Wow, that Parliament is hung! No party wins required 326 seats as Labor and Lib Dems discuss working together. Tories call it "coalition of the defeated."

He gets it. George Rekers's male escort describes him as "...way worse than the orange grove lady." JoeMyGod talked to Jo-Vanni Roman for a couple of hours last night. Naive but not stupid, the young man will be speaking with Anderson Cooper today.

Meanwhile... Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum (who is running for governor) is under fire for paying Rekers almost $90,000 to say horrible things about gays and other minorities in court.

Federal case against DOMA proceeds as Obama admin. defends disgusting, discriminatory law in court.

(The Tanqueray Martini pictured above was last night's libation in honor of HRH Queen Elizabeth II whose government held elections yesterday. God save the Queen! Every last one of us.)

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