Tuesday, March 16, 2010

National Marriage Organization Exhumes Corpse of Anita Bryant

Princeton NJ – In a bold new move designed to reinvigorate the fight for traditional marriage, the corpse of Anita Bryant was wheeled into the conference room of the Motel Six here this morning and propped up near a table of complimentary muffins. A spokesperson for the National Marriage Organization described the divorced former beauty queen’s remains as a “great addition to our army of the undead, fighting for family values in America’s heartland.”

Responding to accusations that the bankrupt, gay–bashing singer is not dead but currently residing in Edmond, Oklahoma, a NMO spokesman conceded that to live in Edmond, Oklahoma is “largely indistinguishable” from being dead and that the alleged corpse of Anita Bryant could only be described as an “Anita Bryant type.”


  1. It's convincing. How about some reference to the body being propped up ? I always expect a corpse to be propped up. Also, it should read "...bankrupt, gay-bashing singer" and "...divorced former beauty queen's". It's very funny. I think you could even get a few more paragraphs out of the idea.

  2. The map behind her stimulated my "Holiday in Cambodia" gland


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