Friday, August 6, 2010

News 8/06/10

(Today in Breakfast: Eggs Benedict. Photo by Paul Goyette.)

  • Pakistani floods worsen, anger mounts as Prime Minister Zardari has tea with David Cameron in Britain.

  • Walker's ruling already changing the debate in places like New Jersey. Hey Bigots: Show us the evidence.

  • "That's Ms. Supreme Court Justice to you." Elena Kagan confirmed. Swearing-in scheduled for Saturday. Girl Power!


  1. I'm loving the new argument that Prop 8 supporters are using, which is that only straight caucasians are capable of interpreting the law in a neutral and correct fashion, and that because Judge Walker is presumed to be gay, his ruling is automatically biased and wrong (just as they said that Justice Sotomayor will always be biased and wrong when judging civil rights cases).

    Strangely enough, people who advance this argument don't think this argument is itself bigoted. Who'da thunk it?

    Do eggs benedict pair well with Breakfast Stout? I think the pairing would be awful, but I think you should try it anyway and let us know.

  2. It is amazing how tortured the "logic" is from nozzles like Tony Perkins: White, heterosexual, Christian males are neutral and everything else is tainted, but we're not bigots!

    It's just that white, heterosexual, Christian males have proven over and over again what wonderful stewards they are of the common good.

    All educated people agree on that, don't they?

    Eggs Benedict cry out for a bloody Mary or a screwdriver. Breakfast stout would be a breakfast unto itself.


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