Thursday, September 2, 2010

News 9/02/10

(Corrado Giaquinto's painting of God and the Devil having a little chat):

Satan: "Where do you want to eat tonight?"
The Lord: "Oh, I don't know..."
Satan: "We could go to that little Italian place near my house."
The Lord: "They've got a great wine list but the service sucks. Besides, we ate in Hell last night."
Satan: "Fine. Where do YOU want to eat?"

(And so on unto eternity...)

  • Yet another reason Obama's opposition to marriage equality is so very galling: California GOP senate candidate Carly Fiorina explains that she opposes gay marriage, just like the President. Her opponent, senator Barbara Boxer supports marriage equality and narrowly leads in recent polling. Mr. President, your refusal to speak out for equal protection and due process gives comfort to the forces of evil. Shame on you.

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