Monday, August 30, 2010

News 8/30/10

(Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovski at the Frankfurt Airport in 1978. Photo by Herbert Rusche.)

  • Gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist believes a "live and let live attitude" calls for the constitutional banning of gay marriage. This is what happens when closeted scumbags "speak from the heart" and seek power at any cost.

  • indiemcemopants over at Firedoglake has written a marvelous open letter to President Obama, asking him to end his opposition to marriage equality. It's not just about money, but $$$ seems to get people's attention. Here's an example. Best case scenario: without access to social security, health care, employment protections & etc... being gay costs us an extra $41,196 over a life time. Worst case: $467,562. This according to the New York Times.

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