Saturday, March 13, 2010

A couple things about homophobia

Our "allies" (who tend to run screaming from the room when it is time to take action on behalf of gay rights) are upset with the likes of Maryland attorney general Douglas F. Gansler who, last week issued his opinion that his State would immediately recognize lawful gay marriages from out of state.

From a recent Washington Post article:

"Del. John L. Bohanan Jr. (D-St. Mary's County) said some legislators "are upset" by the timing of Gansler's move because it could galvanize conservative voters. "Certainly there are people who are motivated by that issue; it gets them to the polls," he said. "

News flash for all those "upset" legislators: The only way to avoid the galvanization of conservative voters is to permanently enshrine LGBT equality into all matters of civil law. We're never going to shut up until we obtain our equal rights and we're too pissed off to ever shut up again until we get what we are asking for.

In fact, the Democrats' refusal to fulfill their promises is galvanizing me to want to stay home when the mid - term elections come around.

Is there anything about that that you don't understand?

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