Saturday, March 13, 2010

Portland Expose

The other night, I had the distinct pleasure of watching Harold D. Shuster's 1957 attempt at gritty noir, Portland Expose. Based on a true story and filmed in Portland, OR, the crew was threatened by the real, Rose City mob during filming.
Mid - century TV staples Edward Binns (Patton, the Verdict,) and his wife Virginia Gregg (Psycho, S.O.B, Dragnet) play George and Ruth Madison, appalled and wary at the new pinball machine installed in their wholesome, greasy spoon. Sure enough, and within seconds, they are accosted by hired goons (among them a very young and unwholesome Frank Gorshin).
Rather than knuckle under, Edward Binns straps a tape recorder the size of a player piano to his chest and sets out to get the dirt on the mob.
Earnest, clean - cut hoodlums, attempted rape and great street scenes of Portland in the 50's are among the many treats in store for you if you venture into the steamy underworld of Portland Expose.

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