Monday, May 31, 2010

Morning News 5/31/10

(For no good reason, here's the 13th President of the United States: Millard Fillmore.)

"Be careful Mr. President. I think he's drunk." Netanyahu cancels visit with Obama after White House criticizes attack on Palestinian sympathizers.

Praise the Lord! Pakistan and Facebook are friends again. So much for Everybody Quit Facebook Day.

Steak! It's Memorial Day and we're having steak tonight. Tell me about your food plans for today. BBQ? Beer? Crunchy, salty snack foods? Talk to me...

Holy Hetero-Patriarchy! Batgirl has always been a kick-ass kinda gal. This Public Service Announcement is from the 1960's and it's simply dripping with Girl Power! And we're still fighting for equal pay:

(Originally uploaded to youtube by dreadscott33)

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