Friday, June 4, 2010

Morning News 6/04/10

(Five Minutes To Love, starring Rue McClanahan as "Poochie" produced and wholly owned by Headliner Productions. Image info here.)

World Plunges Into Darkness As Full Impact Of Rue McClanahan's Death Settles On Weary Populace.

...but there is some good news in the world. JMG informs us that today is National Donut Day!

Bill O'Reilly thinks McDonald's should do an Al Quaida commercial, since they've already done a gay commercial. Being gay and being a terrorist are identical to Mr. Bill. I won't link to anything about that jackass. You can find it yourself, but why bother?

Here's the real Mr. Bill saying "No" to drugs with the help of his Nemesis, Sluggo:

Tobacco Companies are concerned about (and suing over) posters of diseased lungs, teeth and brains in New York. Not the glamorous image they'd prefer to help them hook and keep new smokers. Hmmm... Bette Davis smoking and flashing her electric eyes at us as she sips her 5th martini of the night... or rotting molar?

You're right. It is a tough call.

Here's a Busby Berkley style anti-smoking ad that I think you'll love:

A smoker dies every 8 seconds, but...
...let's all focus on those seven seconds in between.

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