Saturday, June 5, 2010

Morning News 6/05/10

 (Everyone loves a monkey astronaut.)

Tuscon Police officer Martin Escobar challenges Arizona's new law against brown people who don't talk good English. Escobar explains the law "seriously impede(s)" his ability to patrol Tuscon's gritty south side.

Israeli forces board the Rachel Corrie, bound for Gaza. This time it's a kinder, gentler boarding.

BP's well cap helps just a teeny bit as Obama  mobilzes 1,900 ships and 20,000 people to deal with the disaster.

Another celibate, self-hating Catholic bigot against marriage equality. This one is a celibate lesbian who makes the unsubstantiated claim: "...I really like being gay..." Excuse me NYT? but that claim is ridiculous. (Hat tip to Dr. Snickerdoodle.) (Oh, and Ms. Tushnet: screw you.)

"Homophobia is so gay." Mr. Blow, also at the NYT discusses changing attitudes towards gays. Seems we're not as icky as we used to be.

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