Thursday, August 12, 2010

News 8/12/10

("Malaise forever." My favorite peanut-man. Who doesn't love Jimmy Carter?)

  • Florida Attorney General and professional asshole Bill McCollum didn't mean to say that gay people should have our kids taken away from us.

  • Lt. General Babakir Zebari didn't mean to say Iraq is a total mess and will be until at least 2020.

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  1. To be fair to McCollum, he never said that the state should take kids away from gay parents. But to be likewise fair to McCollum, he is an irredeemable bigot who gleefully promotes heterosexual supremacy. Ironically, he is running against Rick Scott in the primary, who not only is an even bigger anti-gay bigot but who perpetrated the largest Medicare fraud in history, bilking taxpayers and consumers out of millions.

    To quote the singer Ariel Pink, "Florida is shaped like a big droopy dick for a reason."


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