Saturday, August 28, 2010

News 8/28/10

 ("Hi! Remember me? Let me tell you about Gay Bashing for Fun and Profit.")

I don't want to talk about the news today.

Brent and I are headed out on our bikes to some second hand stores and maybe Andy and Bax. Just for fun.  Just to get out in the nice weather and hang together.

PS: Dear Ken Mehlman:

My marriage was annulled at the voting booth on Tuesday, November 2nd 2004 and It was your hard work and professional gay bashing (for profit) that made it all possible.

Good luck on the whole coming out and making amends for the past thing. I'm totally pissed off at you and the damage you've done, but I am glad you are taking steps to make amends.

You've got a long way to go before I forgive you, but I hope that day comes.

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