Thursday, April 22, 2010

Local Homophobe Fail

During the first attempt by some Portland citizens to recall our Mayor, one of the signature gatherers felt it necessary to shout, swear and charge at me when I declined to sign his petition.

All I did was explain that I didn't want to help a bunch of homophobes* take down the mayor.


They have failed twice in their attempt, so why don't we all just live with the mayor we have until the next election?

Isn't that what elections are for?

* You can want to recall the mayor without being a homophobe, certainly. However, it is implausible to me that Jasun Wurster would have gotten his knickers in the same kind of twist over a hetero mayor. A lot of right wing fundies were just too excited about this recall for me to stomach it.

(Picture of tacky/fabulous peeing boy from... I have no idea where.)

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