Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morning News 4/20/10

LZ Granderson over at the CNN Opinion page has an excellent post about Obama's recent Hospital visitation ruling and how it leads naturally to a full, immediate repeal of DADT.  Heartfelt and well written.

In related news:

Get Equal members have chained themselves to the White House gates to demand that the President stick to his promise to repeal DADT this year. (Joe.My.God has the latest.)

Supreme Court rules that animal cruelty videos are protected free speech.

Stunning satellite pictures of Iceland's tongue twister volcano over at BBC News.

Glamor maven and all around hot gal Linda Mercury is feeling a bit under the weather today.  Let's all send her cyber hugs, best wishes and chicken soup.  Kisses, sweetie - feel better soon!

(Public domain image of Jean Leon Gerome's 1847 oil painting "Cock Fight" from Wikipedia.)

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