Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning News 4/23/10

Horrible, Yuck and Oops. Oil rig sinks in the Gulf of Mexico.  11 missing, terrible mess.

UK Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg continues to be player in upcoming elections.

Well wouldn't you? SEC officials surfin' for porn during financial crisis.  I know I was.

I was hopin' for Moose and fearing it would be Jughead.  "Meet the Hot New Guy!" Archie comics introduces its first gay character.  Apparently, Kevin Keller is just going to "drop by" Riverdale for a short stint. I'm still hoping that Moose can be convinced. Whadya think readers? Is Moose just eating to fill the void?

(Jughead and Moose are the creation of John L. Goldwater and are wholly owned by Archie Comics.)

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