Sunday, June 6, 2010

Theater Review: Inviting Desire 2010

 (photo of Angela Anaïs Juana Antolina Rosa Edelmira Nin y Culmell by Elsa Dorfman.)

Dr. Snickerdoodle and I attended the final performance last night of the sensational, girlie-sexy "Inviting Desire 2010." The ensemble cast of electric, fearless women plunged us through the firm, soft pink walls of their sexuality, exploring themes of "pleasure, permission & possibility."

It left me breathless.

Brainchild of producer/director/sexy beast Eleanor O'brien, the show is a collaborative effort where the actors contributed their own monologues and used results from a massive survey of women and their desires. More than a performance piece, the evening is designed as an invocation and incitement to sexual revolution.

It worked for me on every level. I found it riveting, invigorating, hilarious, gorgeous, and heart-breaking.

Among the vignettes of the evening (too numerous, varied and delightful for a full recap) a small sampling of the pulsing humanity:

  • A woman of a certain age who, along with her husband, discovers the joys of the strap-on.
  • A fag-hag who reveals a list of 10 good reasons why she and her fag need to get it on.
  • A woman who just wants to kiss her wife in public without having to look over her shoulder.
  • A lady bicyclist who loves a parade.
  • A woman who grows weary of her gentle lover - until she speaks rather forcefully on the matter.
  • A novelist who finds love in the arms of her daughter's nanny.
  • A very young girl who fantasizes about her uncle, but doesn't masturbate - "because that would be totally gross."
  • Even Yoda made an appearance, "Judge me by my size, do you?" help save princess Labia from a fate worse than death.
Alisha Berry, Eleanor O'Brien, Tori Paddelford, Diana Shultz, Ithica Tell, Beth Thompson and Allison Tigard were more than a cast. They were a glorious congress of sex Goddesses who, along with the rest of their writers and crew created a magical, sexy night I adored start to finish.

And I don't even like pussy.

Vive la révolution!

(Confidential to Eleanor: Thanks for going to prom with such a homo.)

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