Monday, June 7, 2010

Morning News 6/07/10: Special Aaron Hobbs Birthday Edition!

(Image of Pulp Mill courtesy International Paper. Happy birthday Aaron.)

Marriage equality begins in Portugal where being gay was illegal until 1982.

NOM spending $200K to help elect Andy (incompetent, bigot-schmuck) Pugno to CA state assembly. (Via JMG)

They're not just moms. They're SuperMoms! Study reveals children of lesbian parents do better than their peers on some measures of adjustment.

Today is the birthday of writer and smart-guy Aaron Hobbs, slayer of goldfish, loser of passports, scourge of the despot, friend of the Flaming Chef.

Pop that pill. Snap on that rubber! On this day in 1965 the US Supreme Court ruled that married couples have a right to use birth control.

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