Thursday, June 10, 2010

News 6/10/10

(Lady Bird Johnson circa 1962. That's a hairdo.)

All Bow To The Princess. Princess Sparkle Pony marks the opening salvo in the California hairdo electoral battle. Peteykins quotes Carly Fiorina's first slap at Senator Barbara Boxer's coif: "God, what is that hair?" Fiorina went on to describe her opponent's do as "sooo yesterday."

Do You Have This In A 14D? World's oldest shoe discovered in Armenia.

Cute! Gay best friends voted prom king and queen in Hudson, New York. (Via Joe My God.)

"That's Odd. The Blood Usually Gets Off At The Third Floor." If the ban on gay men donating blood is lifted, the Williams Institute estimates that an additional 219,000 pints of blood per year would be added to the nation's supply. (I haven't donated blood since 1989. Hello? I'm ready to open a vein for you people!)

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