Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Morning News 6/09/10

(I feel bad for the squirrel with a broken arm, but... Damn! that's cute. Snagged from teh intertubes, somewhere. Let me know if you're the owner of this picture, no copyright infringement intended.)

Just A Smidge Of Election Coverage.

Yes, it was primary day yesterday all over the US of A, so here's a little recap:

In CA, it's Whitman against Brown for Governor and Fiorina against Boxer for Senate.

Also in CA Orly (birth certificate) Taitz lost her bid to run for Secretary of State.

In Nevada it will be Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat) v. Sharron Angle (Loony Wah Wah Tea Party Republican).

...and in Iowa Chuck Hurley (head of the Iowa Family Council) lost his bid for the house to Ako Abdul Samad. Hurley wanted to make this election all about destroying marriage equality. He hitched his wagon to a star... NOT!

JoeMyGod offers continuing, whimsical and right-on coverage, so give him a look-see.

Today in biblical certainty (via a response to Dr. Laura Schlessinger). I offer you the irrefutable, unambiguous word of God:

Leviticus 11:6-8  "God Hates Football."

Look it up if you're confused.

(Hat tip to Chuck.)

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