Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Morning News 6/08/10

(An ass.)

He Said "Ass"! (Via JoeMyGod) The President explained on CNN that he traveled to Florida long before the talking heads were paying attention to the spill, to determine "whose ass to kick." Gay Florida Governor Charlie Christ validates Obama's feelings.

Primaries In Several States Today. Republicans vying for California Governorship face a tough dynamic. Appeal to the GOP base in the primary by championing Arizona's anti-immigrant law; but then what to do about all those latino voters they need in the general election? Gosh darn it, bigotry is expensive. I'm talkin' to you, Mr. Poizner.

India Enraged. 24 years (wtf) after Bhopal an Indian court issues slap on the wrist to 8 Union Carbide Execs. Incandescent fury on the sub-continent.

Tension In Anglican Communion. Archbishop of Canterbury displeased with ordination of Mary Glasspool.

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