Tuesday, September 14, 2010

News 9/14/10

("Good Penguin! Mommy's got a herring for you."
I grabbed this photo over at FFFFOUND! a great place to hunt for weird things. Check it out.)

  • Acting Governor of California does not file an appeal in the Prop 8 case as deadline passes.

  • American hiker released from Iranian jail.

  • Castro set to fire half of all Cuban government employees and make the private sector less restrictive.

  • US Federal Government takes incremental step towards extending some benefits to gay federal employees. This is a good thing and I'm very glad to see it. However, this represents only a fraction of the rights heterosexual families enjoy.

  • Harry Reid schedules Senate vote on Defense Authorization Bill which contains language allowing consideration of possible repeal of DADT "some day." (Via Joe My God)

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  1. Desperately seeking attribution for your second bullet point. Pondering the implications...



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