Monday, September 13, 2010

News 9/13/10

(Is my lipstick even?)

  • Lady Gaga does some DADT related fierce advocacy at the MTV Music awards, wins eight of fifteen categories. Imagine what the President could do if he used his spotlight to highlight injustice? (Via Joe My God.)

  • Meanwhile, ABC News wonders "if" DADT should be repealed, cites Obama's duty to defend existing law rather than his duty to defend the Constitution.

  • NBC News Online has a summary sketch of upcoming races and primaries, including an interesting warning to Delaware Republican Mike Castle. The Tea Party is out for his blood.

  • Bishop of Antwerp does not announce a new investigation into massive child sex abuse by priests. Belgian government taking the matter seriously, much to the chagrin of Pope Asshole XVI.

  • Also, Pope Asshole XVI has gone out of his way to condemn equality for gays ahead of his visit to the UK. The man who enables pedophiles on a massive scale is simply furious that marriage rights for gays "cause confusion" about society's values. Wow. What an asshole.

  • Gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist changes his tune on Gay rights. Now he supports ENDA, DADT repeal, UAFA, Civil Unions. He's still a scuzzy little closet case. (Via AmericaBlog Gay)

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  1. We are NOT amused to have our lovely assholes used eponymously for that train wreck of a pontiff. Stop it this INSTANT.



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