Wednesday, September 15, 2010

News 9/15/10

(Mr. T. and Nancy Reagan share a tender moment at the White House.
God I miss the 80's.)

  • Christine O'Donnell who opposes gays and masturbation defeated Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP Senate primary. National Republican Senatorial Committee not interested in funding her general election fight against Democrat Chris Coons.

  • Someone else who hates gays and masturbation, Pappa Ratzi XVI, visits the UK amid great annoyance over his international pedophilia ring. Via the Telegraph UK: “Saying sorry is easy, offensive and inadequate, what he needs to do is make amends.” 

  • Senator Reid schedules vote on Defense Authorization Bill, assures everyone he doesn't take his marching orders from Lady Gaga.

  • Billy Lucas's tragic suicide provides backdrop for discussion of how pervasive and destructive anti-gay bullying remains in schools.

  • Sam Roberts over at the New York Times talks about increasing acceptance of gay families in American society. Inexplicably, Roberts quotes totally discredited, incompetent hatenozzle, David Blankenhorn.

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