Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Evening News 3/23/10

Went to happy hour at Davis Street Tavern today with Linda and Jim. We shared several plates of oysters, a hangar steak and frítes, sausage platter, cheese plate and several lovely cocktails. Definitely worth your time.

President Obama signed Health Care Reform into Law today.

Robert Gates may announce a more humane way to discriminate against gay soldiers ahead of possible full repeal of the repugnant "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy.

A federal judge ruled that a Mississippi school board violated Constance McMillen's rights by cancelling her high school's prom. But he didn't order them to hold the prom either. This reminds me of southern communities filling in their swimming pools with sand rather than integrating them back in the 60's.

(Update: Dan Savage over on SLOG has a super recap of Constance's court proceedings today and a great interview with her that is worth checking out.)

The ACLU and Equality California have appealed Judge Walker's ruling that they turn over their internal campaign documents for the Prop 8 Trial.

(Photo of the Davis Street Tavern from the Portland Mercury.)

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