Thursday, March 25, 2010

Evening News 3/25/10

More talk today of making the Don't Ask, Don't Tell law less draconian. I agree with those who are saying we need full repeal and are asking what has taken so long for us to get this far.

Regarding the Pope: A good overview of the developing crisis as the Catholic Church deals with more and more sex-abuse scandals that have steadily come closer and closer to Benedict.

David Frum booted from conservative think tank for suggesting that Obama's health care reform package is not terrible.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have released findings from a study that shows that gay men in the District of Columbia are five times more likely to be HIV positive than the rest of the city's adults and teenagers. But gay men younger than 30 used condoms more often, got tested more frequently and had fewer sex partners.

What a relief! Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell explains that laws protecting gays from discrimination aren't necessary because discrimination against gays isn't "a real problem."

(Random Photo of Pink Puddin' from: I don't know where I got this one. Anyone recognize this image?)

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