Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shirtless Sunday Movie Recommendation

Don Chaffey's "Jason and the Argonauts" is packed with Ray Harryhausen special effects and shirtless men. What more do you need?

Bask in the glory as Jason, heir to the throne of Thessaly embarks on a mostly shirtless quest ordained by the Gods to retrieve the golden fleece.

Lots of stop motion beasties and, did I already mention that this movie is packed with shirtless men? Don't miss Hercules's adorable and heartbreaking daddy-crush on Hylas, the brainy younger man who also looks good without his shirt on.

Grab some popcorn and maybe some whiskey and waste the precious gift of life that God granted you with this 1963 festival of cheese and...

...shirtless men.

(Picture of hunky, daddy Hercules (Nigel Green) from Seventh

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  1. wished the pic would have been a full chest view, it was a hot bod.


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