Friday, March 26, 2010

Morning News 3/26/10

On second thought, I guess I did know all about what was going on. The New York Times has revealed documents demonstrating that then Cardinal Ratzinger knew that a serial pedophile priest returned to working with children within days after beginning treatment.

"Tiny" adorable T-Rex found in Australia, only 10 feet tall. First evidence of this species in the southern hemisphere expands our understanding of dinosaur evolution.

If a gay soldier is injured on the battlefield, would the military have to allow his husband access to his bedside? Government officials will have to think about it, but SLDN urges that we focus on DADT first, then worry about the "what-ifs?"

Clamping down on human freedom from beyond the grave. Fundamentalist group first established by Indonesian dictator Suharto, successful in halting sexual minority conference in Jakarta.

Try that in America and they'd shoot you. British Docs call for smoking ban to be extended to cars, beaches, parks and outside of all buildings.

Earthy vernacular, indeed. Premier Morgan Tsvangirai explains that protections for gays have no place in Zimbabwe's constitution by describing a man breathing on another man's neck as they "hump."

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