Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Morning News 3/23/10

Civility is alive and well: Texas Rep. Neugebauer is kinda sorry he yelled "baby killer" at Rep. Stupak.

The entire state of California is cranky about... everything. 69% consider jobs and the economy to be among the most important issues for the upcoming governor's race.

Finally, space travel for the rest of us. Virgin Galactic conducts test flight of suborbital vehicle capable of carrying six passengers. Now a mere $200,000 per ticket.

Bleckley County High School in Cochran, Georgia will allow gay senior Derrick Martin to take his boyfriend to the prom. Isn't that nice?

I think Jesus is getting a little fat. An art survey study indicates that the depiction of last-supper portion sizes has steadily grown over the last thousand years.

And speaking of Jesus, fat people, and being cranky: Andy Borowitz reports that the teabaggers are mad that Michelle Obama wants to take away their constitutional right to Big Macs. (Hat tip Ryan McShorts)

Borowitz quotes teabagger Carol Foyler: "Rush Limbaugh is definitely with us."

(Image by unknown artist of "The Lard Jesus" from Freethinker.)

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