Thursday, May 13, 2010

Evening News 5/13/10

Aaargh! Laura Bush is to the left of President Obama on Marriage Equality. I haven't been ragging on the Commander in Chief much lately, so let me just say I am getting increasingly pissed off.

Am not! George "Lift my Luggage" Rekers is still totally not gay.

"Cram it! Update: Aaron Sorkin comes to the defense of Newsweek by explaining that being a white, heterosexual male is a "blank slate" and anything else is a "distraction." Really, Mr. Sorkin?

God Save the Queen, ...a few pounds. New UK government cuts its own pay.

(Today's 19th Century whiskers are brought to you by Emperor Wilhelm II of Prussia. This photo is from Russell and Sons and was taken in 1890.)

(Confidential to Dr. Snickerdoodle: "Excuse me! Excuse me!)

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