Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Personal Update

It is warm today at Casa Del Flaming Chef.

Drinking a mint julep as I read Margaret Mitchell's Gone With the Wind for the fourth time.

"They crossed the river and the carriage mounted the hill.  Even before Twelve Oaks came into view Scarlett saw a haze of smoke hanging lazily in the tops of the tall trees and smelled the mingled savory odors of burning hickory logs and roasting pork and mutton."

I'm at that place in the book just as Scarlett reveals her love for Ashley and understands that he intends to marry Melanie. News of the start of the war is about to reach her and everyone in her world.

One of the reasons I mention this sexist, racist, beautiful book full of human ugliness is that Margaret Mitchell is a sensational writer who includes hunger and food as essential parts of the human experience.

Catfish and cornbread for dinner tonight.

Hattie McDaniel won an Academy Award for her performance in Gone With the Wind and deserves a posthumous temple erected in her honor.

Get to it.

(Image via Wikipedia. Scanned by Myra Wysinger and uploaded. Photo from family photo collection. Autographed copy of Hattie McDaniel's July 10, 1941.)


  1. Hiya Jason,

    thanks so much for your comments and time over at mine! X

    Just popping over to say "hi" and to see what you're up to and to. Oh, and just for you WFJ going to get culinary. I'm gonna rustle up some food and set some pans aflame. ;)

    All my Best, Tristram. X

  2. GWTW is, as you know, one of my favorite books also. I read it every time I fly to Paris(France). Can I borrow your copy in about seven months?

    love, Mom


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