Monday, May 10, 2010

Morning News 5/10/10

Farewell. Lena Horne dies at 92. A truly great woman.

Yep. Obama to nominate Kagan for SCOTUS. Girl Power!

Yuck. Environmental disaster as BP still can't halt gushing rig. Hearings in Congress this week.

Sucks. But it's a good idea. Lawyer recommends gay couples keep legal documents on flash drives on them at all times. (I have to keep proving I'm related to my husband even after 15 years and it's getting pretty damn old.)

Sanctuary. UK policy sending gays back to countries where they face harassment, murder, challenged in highest court.

Yay, for now. As EU banks buy bonds, world financial markets up a bit.

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(Carl Van Vechten photograph of Lena Horne via Library of Congress and Wikipedia.)

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  1. Lena Horne was a huge inspiration to me. Many thanks, Lena!


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