Friday, May 14, 2010

Morning News 5/14/10

Angry. Open warfare in the streets of Bangkok as protests continue.

On Second thought... Walgreens changes its  mind about carrying at-home genetic testing kits. Turns out Pathyway Genomics had no FDA approval for the kits.

Yawn. Kurt Loder describes the new Robin Hood movie as a "long history lesson in a loud, dark and unusually muddy lecture hall."

Bon Voyage. Shuttle Atlantis prepares for its final flight.

So let it be written... George Rekers's Wikipedia page now includes reference to the young man he rented to perform "daily, one-hour nude sexual massages." Rekers still claims he is totally not gay.

Oy Gevalt. Catholic school bars kid with two moms.

(Sisters Risque of the Sissyteen Chapel (SF), Sister Viva L'Amour (SF), and Sister Rhoda Kill (LA) courtesy The Jaundiced Eye/A Dingo Took My Baby)

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