Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Evening News Update 5/12/10

"Cram it!" Update: Gay groups request formal apology for Ramin Setoodeh's Newsweek article suggesting that gays can't play straight.

Sign here. Gay Florida Governor Charlie Crist fills out paperwork, making his split with GOP official.

The Kid: "Cheery sophistication," "Charming," and "laugh-out-loud-funny." Robert Feldberg liked the new musical based on Dan Savage's memoir.

Even CNN is reporting this whopper. George Rekers insists that daily, nude "long stroke" massages from a hot, young male escort are totally not gay! ...and he resigned from his position at NARTH. (Hat tip to Jim for informing me that "narth" is the sound one makes when belching up a little Santorum.)

(Today's dose of daily mutton chops are brought to you by Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Francis Albert Augustus Charles Emmanuel. 26 August 1819 – 14 December 1861, main squeeze of HRH Queen Victoria. I'm talking about the man here, not the piercing you dirty-minded fiends.)

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