Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Morning News 5/12/10

Yes Sir! David Cameron is the new top dog, big cheese, head kahuna... This is the first Conservative government in the UK in 13 years. Lib. Dem. leader Nick Clegg is the new Deputy Prime Minister. This should be interesting.

No Sir!  Mollohan loses in W. Virginia and Sestak is nipping at Specter's heels in Pennsylvania.

Yes Sir! "Noynoy" Aquino set to be next President of the Philippines.

Oops! Apple may have lost another iphone prototype. This one surfaced in Vietnam.

We're trying. BP tries to plug gushing gulf rig.

(The Reagans and the Thatchers at the White House, 11/16/88. Courtesy Ronald Reagan Library.)

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  1. Great portrait from the good old days. NOT!



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