Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Morning News 5/19/10

Choose And Perish! Nate Silver over at 538 dot com has a swell wrap-up of yesterday's elections and what they mean.

Paul Defeats Grayson in Kentucky, Sestak defeats Specter in Pennsylvania, Lincoln and Halter head to run-off in Arkansas and conventional wisdom leaves a lot to be desired.

In local news, the Oregon governor's race will be Kitzhaber v. Dudley in evening wear, swimsuit and talent. I hear Dudley can open a can of Bud with his bellybutton, so the Democrats better watch out.

Not My Mess. Turns out tar balls washing ashore in Florida Keys are not from the BP spill. Are we supposed to be relieved about that?

Also in Florida Filth: Continuing damage from the George (totally-not-gay) Rekers scandal. AG Bill McCollum faces scrutiny for hiring the discredited bigot-asshole (at taxpayer expense). In fact, Rekers "expert" testimony played a part in both the Florida gay adoption ban and the Prop 8 case.

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