Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Have A Winner II

Queen Alexandra (center, with crown) flanked by her daughters, the princesses Louise and Victoria (sporting snazzy tiaras).

We have our first winner for "Comment of the Month!"

Our special, middle-of-the-night, can't sleep news update from April 25th, 2010 yielded a nugget about Mike Huckabee failing to convince Rosie O'Donnell that he's not an asshole.

Take it away maripoza:

Assholes are such lovely things, which do suffer for the comparison to one such as Monsieur Huckabee.

I think he nailed it ladies and gentlemen.

Not only is he the winner of a super-glamorous, secret prize but maripoza is an extraordinarily talented artist. Follow the link to have a peek at his beautiful, astonishing, fantabulous art!

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  1. We will wear our Imperial Diadem with all the Imperial arrogance to which Our Personages are entitled. (btw, what ever happened to Lou and Vicky?)


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