Thursday, May 20, 2010

Morning News 5/20/10

F*CK YOU JUDGE! Malawi male couple sentenced to 14 years hard labor. Their lawyers plan to appeal. US and UK (among others) condemn the ruling. I am so glad the US has sent $70 million to that country. Perhaps we could ask for it back?

Anyone who scares Dick Cheney... Rand Paul wants to ban abortion and legalize pot. ...well actually, he scares me too.

You Sank My Battle Ship! North Korea torpedo downed South's ship, investigation reveals.

No "Surpised Kitty" For You! Pakistani ban now includes Youtube. Here are 17 seconds of footage, sure to topple the Islamic Republic:

Family Values Politician, Vito Fossella (who's second family's existence was revealed after his DUI) nominated by GOP for his old seat.

The Rekers From Down Under. JMG tips us this morning about an Australian family values politician caught leaving a gay bath house.

(Super picture of classic latte rosette courtesy Mortefot)

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