Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reader Contest: The Cure For Hangover

Breakfast as Sam's Billiards!

Plenty of hot, fresh coffee. Chicken fried steak with country gravy, scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast and fruit instead of hash browns. (I have to think of my girlish figure don'tcha know?)

...and here's what the Flaming Chef looks like when he's feeling a bit wobbly:



Do any of you have sure-fire hangover cures? Leave your favorites in the comment thread and the best one will win a superglamorous mystery prize!

(Thanks to all my readers who would surely perish if I stopped being a self-absorbed chatterbox. Tell a friend about the Flaming Chef!)


  1. Pho -- as spicy as you can take it. Pour on the Siracha my friend! If nothing else you forget why you're in pain.

  2. Water, Excedrin (the headache medicine, really, it is) more water, diet coke, gym (if it doesn't make you hurl), greasy burger, more diet Coke, BEER. In that exact and precise order. You look better than I do today. xoxoxo

  3. sex. preferably in a swelteringly hot room so that you are completely drenched in sweat. and if that doesn't work, more booze!

  4. Well, if that is what the worst looks like, its all up hill from there. Enjoy!


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