Saturday, May 22, 2010

Morning News 5/22/10

(Meatloaf, gratin potatoes and avocado/tomato salad for dinner last night. Dr. Snickerdoodle mixed some extra-strong cocktails, so The Flaming Chef is a bit hungover this morning. Keep it down will you?)

Happy Birthday Harvey! Milk would have been 80 years old today.

He handled Exxon Valdez so well, we thought we'd give him another shot. William Riley (among others) to investigate BP disaster.

Ronald Reagan is God. Phyllis Schlafly and Joseph McCarthy are merely demi-gods. Texas board votes to protect school children from reality.

He opens his mouth to switch feet. Rand Paul describes Obama Administration as "un-American."

Marc Acito Commemorates Eliza Doolittle Day on NPR. Head over there and give it a listen. Then sit down and compose a grammatically accurate sentence.

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