Tuesday, July 6, 2010

News 7/06/10: Buzz Aldrin!

(Buzz Aldrin and two other guys test NASA's prototype, "anti - Richard Nixon box" after returning from the Moon. July 24th, 1969.)

Another offshore drilling ban may be in the works as we head into a potentially severe Atlantic Hurricane season.

Thai government extends state of emergency as threats of violence loom.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visits New York City today. Atta girl!

Wake Me Up...before you smash your car into my Snappy Snaps photo shop. George Michael (and his car) lose a drunken brawl with a building. The singer apologized for screwing up again and boring everyone with his stupidity.

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  1. But, but, but....what WOULD the day be like without an irrelevant morsel of hype? HmmmmmMMM?

    And I'm thinking along the lines of mutual respect rather than the end to violence. If you understand why, you're evolving nicely.

    If not, well....how 'bout those White Sox? ;)

    Sorry you didn't win. Applause for 'running.'

    Cheers, m'dear....


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