Friday, July 9, 2010

News 7/09/10: Buh - Bye DOMA

(2nd President of the United States, author of the Massachusetts constitution, "obnoxious and disliked" John Adams in Gilbert Stuart's 1823 portrait.)

  • A federal judge yesterday ruled that the so - called Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. Not just unconstitutional mind you, the ruling states that DOMA doesn't even survive rational basis scrutiny. Joe My God has aggregated lots of thoughtful reaction and is covering the whole thing with his usual wit.

  • A little additional digging this morning reveals the Federal district judge's ruling in Mass. has not been staid. In other words all married couples in that state are now married under both state and federal law.

  • They say it is going to be 92 degrees in Portland, OR today. What's the weather like for you?

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