Wednesday, July 7, 2010

News 7/07/10

(Here's the 1923 Oklahoma State wrestling team. Just because.)

If civil unions are a fair compromise for gay people who seek marriage equality then why did Hawaii's shetbag governor veto her state's civil union bill? Up yours Linda Lingle.

UK's highest court rules that gay asylum seekers may stay in Britain.

NBC "Modern Wedding" show says gay couples need not apply.

Richard W. Thorington Jr. and Katie Ferrell have written "Squirrels: The Animal Answer Guide" and it turns out the little creatures engage in deception, tactical problem solving and kissing. Could the damn things be any f*cking cuter?

"Don't have sex. Sex is for married people."

For fans of "Shoes," here's Text Message Breakup:

Lyrics NSFW

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  1. Text Message Breakup is the BEST EVER. Closely followed by No Booty Calls.


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