Monday, March 29, 2010

Psycho Beach Party: Gayest Movie Ever!

Inspired by my excursion to Blow Pony this weekend, The Flaming Chef is in the mood for cheesy camp movies, glamor, booze and all that glitters.

I was first exposed to Charles Busch's retro dragstravaganza "Psycho Beach Party" by fellow flamer Wicker Parker. A thousand thanks be unto him.

Produced in the style of a Frankie and Annette summer beach movie, Psycho Beach Party dives into queerness within its first, glorious seconds as the camera zooms in on David Chokachi's gorgeous, denim clad ass. From this introduction (at a B&W drive-in showing of "The Pizza Waitress with Three Heads") where our first murder takes place we are hurled through the most delightful opening credits sequence ever produced. Sensational, Tomato-bombshell, Tera Bonilla provides a go-go dance accompaniment to the music of Los Straight Jackets which can only be described as jaw-droppingly-awesome.

Charles Busch is magnificent as captain Monika Stark ("both a cop and a lady") in hot pursuit of a serial murderer. Lauren Ambrose, Thomas Gibson, Kimberly Davies and Amy Adams round out a sensational cast.

You won't be sorry if you get your hands on this gem of a film and waste 95 minutes of your life basking in its glory.

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  1. The only people who think this movie is a waste of time are people who've shaped up, buckled down, and applied themselves like any decent Presbyterian!


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